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A Small Voice: Conversations With Photographers (members)

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223 - Lorenzo Castore

Jan 31, 2024 E223 01:32:58

Italian photographer Lorenzo Castore’s work is characterised by long term projects focusing on his personal experience, memory and the relationship between individual stories, history and the present time.

In 1992 at the age of 19 Lorenzo moved from Rome to New York where he began to photograph in the streets. After a formative trip to India in 1997, he had a brief foray into photojournalism, covering the conflicts in Albania and Kosovo in 1999, afte which he decided to quit photojournalism and deepen his personal research.

Since then has worked extensively in Poland, Cuba and Sardinia among other places and has produced several photobooks and a short film entitled No Peace Without War.

In 2019 his lifelong work Time Maze began to be published by L’artiere in progressive chronological volumes. The first entitled A Beginning, 1994-2001 and the second Lack and Locking, 2001-2007. The next two volumes are already in the works or planned.

Lorenzo’s is represented by Galerie S. in Paris, Galerie Anne Clergue in Arles, Alessia Paladini Gallery in Milan, Spot Home Gallery in Naples and Guido Costa Projects in Turin.

In episode 223, Lorenzo discusses, among other things:

  • His formative years
  • His journey into photography
  • His time in New York…
  • …and the photograph that changed everything
  • The importance of finding stories and making life an adventure
  • His project Time Maze - first book A Beginning
  • His brief foray into photojournalism in Kosovo
  • Why he went to shoot in Poland
  • HIs interest in miners
  • The forthcoming sequels to A Beginning


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“I was postponing because of this embarrassment that I have when we say you talk about your personal life. It’s a really strange feeling, I really want to do it and at the same time I feel I have to do it very carefully.”

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